I have quite a few experiences and worries I would like to share: 1. I am an employee with valid TIN and wanted to ensure my “employee TIN” is linked to my “entrepreneur TINs” so that I maintain one tax account but I kept being pushed around (go to LTO, go here, there….). I got frustrated and left it as it is. I’d like to know what measures there are now to harmonize tax account with GRA? 2. Being a technology person, I usually prefer to use the GRA website or call their numbers to seek information. Unfortunately, information on their website is too technical (with laws, forms, etc) and not friendly for the consumption of the ordinary citizen. Online chat and phone support channels are rarely helpful if at all one is attended to. 3. Again we are constantly encouraged to pay our taxes as part of our civic duties to the state however, we are not educated on how we can also benefit in terms of tax returns especially for those of us loyal tax payers with dependents who enjoy virtually nothing from the state. Education on tax returns as is done everywhere is needed so that we can also enjoy some. 4. Our tax holiday regime is very unfriendly to local entrepreneurs. From the very first day of starting business, the Ghanaian businessman is expected to pay tax while foreigners are exempted from paying tax for 5yrs yet they enjoy the roads and other facilities my tax money provides. 5. Politicians who expend (in corrupt ways) our hard earned money do not pay tax! This is ridiculous! They do not know the pain of “throwing away” 20% of ones earnings every month yet they are those that come to steal it all. They should lead by showing the way. They should be taxed too. 6. The citizen who suffers to pay taxes is not made to have a say in how monies are expended. We do not see the will from our leaders to ensure judicious use of our taxes, retrieve our stolen ones and punish those who misappropriate them. We see those our taxes pay ride in V8s, live extravagant lives, etc when the real workers surfer. These are a few of my thoughts. I will pop in again to share more. However, until the ordinary tax payer is made to see real value for money, we will always find means to avoid taxes and this effort to mobilize taxes will fail.