I registered a new business and decided to go and register for vat,the Lady in question asked me to fill 2 forms,one for vat and other one for business tax.I was OK wit DAT I did fill,and after about two weeks nobody called me,I went der and she was out of office. Her colleagues told me she is d only person who can serve me.I was a bit angered by DAT,bcs if I have to come by all my self to pay tax and am being frustrated, wat is d necessity. I met her in the next day,and when she saw me she said”you came here and be making noise,”I laughed, and said what information did u get abt me that u make did allegations. To cut d long story short,she has asked me to pay money for d business tax before I can get d vat certificate. Mean while I no it is Free to register, she told me d money am paying for a tax on account, I told her d business is yet to start next Mont, y shd I pay tax for a business that is yet to start, it is really crusting,help me.